ROOFERS / INSTALLERS (green roofs)


Roofers monitor the entire process of roofing in residential as well as commercial construction. They analyze construction plans and make sure the roofing is performed in strict accordance with the design. They also determine the materials, substrates and supportive accessories to be used for roof installations. Even the specifications of the beams, trusses and rafters upon which roofs are installed are decided by roofers.

Urbanscape Green Solutions are suitable for all types of buildings and landscapes – from small residential garages to large industrial warehouses, from home gardens to large golf courses. They offer tangible benefits for every type of project, while also introducing beautiful architectural features.

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Urbanscape System Solutions

Check our innovative, lightweight and easy-to-install system solutions, which reduce urban heat island effect and storm water run-off and at the same time, clean the air of airborne particles and reduce CO2

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Performance Evaluation Tool (PET Tool)

Special software that defines and measures green roof performance in different climate zones.

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Have a look at our thoughts on and passion for green roofs and on our larger industry as such.

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Installation Guidelines

Urbanscape Green Roof System is provided with complete, easy to install layers delivered directly to the customer. Due to the use of new innovative Urbanscape Green Roll growing media, no special equipment is required for installation and maintenance.

Download our Installation Guidelines for Urbanscape Green Roof (Big Scape and Modular) Systems here.

With our solutions we fight for a better, greener, healthier environment.